The horror of corporate jargon

Written by Ashwin Rattan Monday, 26 November 2012 14:42
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Watch the clip and join the fight against corporate jargon abuse.




Julia Streets will be appearing at the Society Club, Soho, to lead and perform at the bestest, funnest evening ever that happens to be about corporate jargon:


27th November @ 6PM

To come along, contact Ash on 07812574993, or email on  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


julia streets picture

Julia pictured above, smiling even though the glass is empty

Julia discusses her book:
The Lingua Franca of the Corporate Banker’ is designed to offer a seriously light-hearted view on corporate language, how it is regularly abused, used to confuse and why I would choose to ban it.
 Business is riddled with it and many ridicule it, giving me the privileged opportunity to lambast and lampoon it. I do not seek to be too judgemental or school ma’am-ish in my style, it certainly is not a lesson in grammar or sentence construction.
 Rather, I would hope to make a case for using clear and simple language in our communications, to explore why I got sucked into using buzzwords and why others too have fallen into similar traps.

What others have erm ''cascaded'' about Lingua Franca

Recovered idiom abuser Julia Streets guides you laughing, gasping and weeping through the maze of corporate gobbledigook. 

This timely gem is required reading for anyone who has ever wanted to run amok with an axe when they hear the words "blue sky thinking."

Worth buying for the glossary alone. Every boardroom banality known to suit-kind is painstakingly documented and vigorously ridiculed.

Rowan Pelling, Daily Telegraph

It's time to ''open our kimonos'' for the last time. 

Unless you actually happen to have a proper kimono, in which case carry on as appropriate.

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