The most commented upon ''British chest'' of recent times?

Written by Ashwin Rattan Sunday, 16 September 2012 17:04
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Pictures of chest's have been in the news recently. You know the story I'm referring to ...


The good news is that all seems to have calmed down, and with war ships sailing out of Portsmouth,  the shelling of Calais/Normandy/Brittany/places you associate with school field trips is due to start early tomorrow morning.


In the meantime, one man who has no problems with peeps studying his chest is Alex Bray, aka @stgilesresident, aka the most shameless man in financial services analysis.


At his recent book launch, Alex encouraged those present (many of whom it has to be said are the types who wouldn't dream of starting a conversation with strangers on public transport) to point their smartphones at his chest.


And you know, they did.




Well of course to experience the sheer wonder of Augmented Reality. The technology that everyone's soon to be talking about.


For when a smartphone is pointed at Alex's AR enables t-shirt, it makes an alien jump out at you.



For more about the wonders of AR, check out Alex's new report


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