The real Greek crisis: a precedent for global debt domination?

Written by Searching Finance Thursday, 07 July 2011 14:47
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Find out why Greece is the sovereign version of Lehman and could be as toxic to the Western economy as sub-prime in a controversial new book ''The Real Greek Crisis: a Precedent for Global Debt Domination' by leading Greek economic analyst and and international lawyer Dr. Nick Skrekas, coming soon from Searching Finance.

The Greek debt-driven crisis has serious implications way beyond its borders and even beyond the EU, because Greece has become a sovereign state version of the “canary in the coal mine” for financiers.  A failing, allegedly corrupt and complacent political culture has laid the country open to an arguably organized speculative attack by international financiers. In the de facto service of the financial oligarchy, the country has been turned into a financially repressed province forced into a fire sale, and likely to be bled by its lenders, argues Nick.

Nick’s case is that Greece appears to be nothing less than an experiment on a failed state. At the moment global institutions that have larger balance sheets than many states are testing the waters to see just how far a sovereign state can be subjugated. The crisis raging in the Mediterranean is generating patentable financial and legal tools that could be applied to the rest of the teetering Eurozone periphery, and it could be a dress rehearsal for what other economies may face further down the road.

So, blueprinted financial occupation or regression into a monolithic and isolationist economy?  Controversial views, certainly.  You can view Nick in (sometimes heated) discussion on CNN and Russia Today at the following links:

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