The Small Town Rules! Becky McCray talks to Searching Finance

Written by Ashwin Rattan Sunday, 09 December 2012 15:18
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Becky McCray is an entrepreneur and rancher in a small town in Oklahoma.


She writes about photography, happiness, Oklahoma, and other personal topics on her blog Out Standing in My Field.


Her first book (with Barry Moltz), Small Town Rules has just been published.


You can follow @beckymccray on twitter, about 27,000 people do y'know. 


And Becky even found time to talk to Searching Finance,


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1. So Becky, what's  the book's about?
Small Town Rules is about what small towns do best, and why the whole world needs to know about that.
The world is much more like a small town now, in lending, in employment, in communication, in the focus on small and local.
So now is the perfect time to find out what works best in small towns and apply it in any setting. 
2. And how's it going so far?
Very well, thanks!
The first shipment to Amazon sold out in just 24 hours.
So that was a great start, and we've been fortunate to maintain strong sales over the six months it's been available. I'm excited to have this success with my first book.
3. What sort of feedback have you had?
I've loved the feedback we've received!
Heidi Thorne called it "a much needed reality check."
Ramon Ray called it "a brass and tacks, bread and butter, hammer and nail MANUAL for how to succeed when you're small."
And Raul Colon said he carries it on his Kindle app to explain concepts to clients. That's a pretty big compliment. 
4. How did you come to write the project?
Long ago, Barry was approached about doing a project on rural entrepreneurs. That didn't happen, but when Barry and I met, we immediately fell to talking about what kind of similar book we might do. We ended up drawing some terrific lessons from our small town experiences, tempered by Barry's big-city business knowledge. I think it's a strong result. 
5. I'm publishing ''The Castle and The Sandbox'' shortly. The author, Kosta Peric, is the head of Innovation at SWIFT. The book is about how big companies and small companies need to work together. What are your comments?
I love the idea!
We don't see nearly enough of this.
One obvious place to cooperate is in building local connections.
Most big companies are now aware of the need to connect with local economies, local culture, but they don't know how to move forward. Working with and for the benefit of their smaller local partners is a terrific way to improve the local economy as well as ensure strong partners to work with in the future. 
6. Most of the readers of this site aren't in the States ... what do you want to tell them about life in Oklahoma and where you are right now?
We're more alike than different, but most visitors notice our sparse population (6.9 people per square mile), the many cattle ranches (75 cows per square mile), the cowboys, and if you come during winter you'll notice the winter wheat fields are green despite the cold.
What most don't notice is our sense of community, our drive to improve our prosperity, and our use of modern technology. 
7. How did you become such a twitter phenomenon?

By accident.
I joined Twitter in October, 2006, so I've been here a long time.
I happened to know a few people in the crowd that turned out, six years later, to be the heavy hitters in social media and marketing. So I have become well connected. And for some reason, Twitter once featured me on their home page.
Basically, I tweet about my life and interests: small business, small towns, cattle, online tools. And I post a lot of photos. I think many people find it refreshing to see my real world posts and photos. When someone working in a corporate high rise in a dense urban city pulls up my photo of wide open spaces and water flowing from a windmill, they are pulled in. 
For more about Small Town Rules, click here

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