What we fail to teach sports stars about money

Written by Ashwin Rattan Thursday, 29 March 2012 10:11
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Yahoo news report that Dennis Rodman has joined the long list of sports stars who while earning a fortune, were alas, unable for a variety of reasons, to retain much of it.

The list includes:

Peter Shilton,
Mike Tyson,
Evander Holyfield,
John Daly
and Paul Gascoigne.

Regardless of the ability to earn money, achieving control in one's relationship with finance is something that is a struggle for many people.

Another reason then to prioritise the teaching of financial education in schools and through adult education initiatives.

For those not formally enrolled on a course, help is at hand with the recent publication of financial services CEO Andy Golding's What we fail to teach our kids about money.

For more information on Andy book on personal finance, click here.

Jeff Prestridge in the Mail on Sunday says:

This is a crackerjack of a book that makes personal finance the simple and enjoyable subject it can and should be. A must read for anyone interested in waving the flag for a more friendly personal finance world.

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