What we've failed to teach our kids about money (because we never knew it ourselves)

Written by AshwinRattan Monday, 03 October 2011 14:53
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If the years since the credit crunch have taught us anything, it's that not many people understand money. Politicians, central bankers and regulators have failed to understand it in a big way, and the likes of yours truly, fail to understand it in even a small way...hmm.

So what's to be done? 

Well as a first step, Searching Finance is delighted to announce that Andy Golding and Annie Shaw have signed with us to work on the forthcoming What We've Failed to Teach Our Kids About Money. A slightly unwieldy title I know (and probably not the final title as Andy thinks it's a bit clunky) but you get the general idea of what it's about.

Personal finance book can seem ten a penny and they have even been known to have been written by the sorts of characters that hang out in down at heel establishments selling get-rich-schemes at 25 pounds a throw.

Well not this time. 

Neither is this a book about tracker-mortgage this or fixed-rate that.

It's a book to challenge your assumptions about money, to simplify and take out the jargon, to help you read between the lines when faced by bank marketing, to help you work better with your bank, to understand what they want from you and what you can get from them and to give you some guidance should things have gone wrong...

Anyway here's some more about Andy and Annie.

Andy Golding has 24 years experience in financial services and is out and proud about the fact that he loves it. Andy is the chief executive at Saffron Building Society. He also likes sailing and his guitar

Annie Shaw is the former editor of the Sunday Telegraph's property section and has been a staff journalist for The Times and financial agony aunt for the Independent on Sunday. Annie is currently a freelance personal finance writer for a range of national newspapers, and is a frequent broadcaster on personal finance and the credit crunch on radio and television. She writes the Money Matters section for the Daily Express. She holds a full Financial Planning Certificate and, in 2011, was shortlisted for headlinemoney's Consumer Champion of the Year award. Summer 2011 saw her in a personal quest to travel a lot without leaving northern Europe (and with her Edinburgh-France-Cornwall expedition she did quite well).

Both pretty qualified right?

And if that isn't enough, Dr Trevor Lee, headmaster of Northwood Prep will be adding some introductory comments on his experiences with the younger generation and on the much reported 'affluenza' syndrome and toxic childhood.

Stay tuned for the must-read personal finance book of 2011. And one of the few to actually be written by the good guys.

What We've Failed To Teach Our Kids About Money will be published by Searching Finance in November 2011.

To suggest a better title or to book Andy or Annie for pantomime this winter, contact Ash at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

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