Why America needs skilled immigrants

Written by Cristóbal Conde Sunday, 08 April 2012 15:03
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 Mr. Conde, the former CEO of SunGard Data Systems, is affiliated with the Partnership for a New American Economy, a bipartisan group of mayors and business leaders advocating immigration reform.


As an immigrant, I left the world I knew in hopes of achieving more for myself and my family in what is still the land of opportunity and the globe's great meritocracy.


Immigrants like me have founded many of America's greatest companies. In fact, more than 40 percent of America's Fortune 500 companies were founded by an immigrant or a child of an immigrant, according to a study conducted by the Partnership for a New American Economy, a bipartisan coalition of more than 400 prominent business leaders and mayors.


We have created many of the brands that make America shine in the global marketplace. We have invented the products that have created new companies and new jobs for American workers.


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