Why banks should care about Quora

Written by Alex Bray Monday, 07 November 2011 13:20
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For those of who you who have yet to stumble over it, is a question and answer website that launched back at the end of 2009. It is probably the highest profile of a number of Q&A websites (like that have launched over the last couple of years. In good ‘nu-digital bubble’ fashion, it is already estimated to be worth around $1bn.

Answers to questions are crowdsourced from other users - and the best answers are voted for - which pushes them up the ratings. The service is growing in popularity - the most popular question has had almost 250,000 views.

To me, the popularity of these Q&A sites for financial services questions is quite telling, for a couple of reasons. First, it shows that customers have lots of questions that they want to have answered - which isn’t really surprising considering the upheavals of the last couple of years.

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