Will Poland benefit from hosting Euro 2012? Kane Prior investigates

Written by Kane Prior Wednesday, 06 June 2012 17:12
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Poland will co-host Euro 2012 (the third largest sporting event in the world) with Ukraine this summer and it will be a fitting reward for one of Europe’s rising economies.


The country can boast the fastest growth in the EU and benefits from being the neighbour of Europe’s biggest economy, Germany.


Poland also has very low production costs, boosting its industry and unemployment – at a 5 year low – and allowing them to become an exporter to the ever more demanding German public.


This is why Poland’s partnership with Germany has been a huge benefit recently; as while other nations like Spain and Greece have overspent and are now facing crippling austerity, Germany has been frugal since the early 2000s.


This means Germany can now borrow at record low interest rates that the EU provides, allowing a lot of extra cash to flow around the German economy waiting to be spent.


Poland (while nowhere near Germany’s low borrowing costs) can actually borrow at a lower cost than Spain or Italy right now, showing the contrasting directions these countries are heading in. 


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