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Written by Ashwin Rattan Saturday, 17 March 2012 22:32
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Coming in April 2012 ...

Technology and economics are transforming business in a completely unexpected way: even the largest companies must compete for customers as if they were small, local businesses.

Your customers are talking to their peers everywhere—and listening to each other, not your carefully crafted advertising or branding. Suddenly, communities and personal connections are critical to your success. It’s just like doing business in a small town, where “reputation is forever.”

Great small town and rural entrepreneurs have been successfully overcoming these challenges for centuries. Their solutions have become invaluable to even the largest companies, most dominant brands, and most cosmopolitan businesses.

In Small Town Rules, Barry J. Moltz and Becky McCray show how to adapt proven “rural” and “local” approaches for today’s new “global small town”: one knitted together through the Web, Facebook, and Twitter. You won’t just learn why these techniques are so valuable; you’ll learn how they’re being applied right now by companies from L.L. Bean and Viking Range to Walmart.

  • Going local, even when you’re global
    A seven-step plan for building crucial connections with culture and place
  • “Planning for zero”: surviving worst case scenarios that kill your competitors
    Questioning hidden assumptions, knowing your “seasons,” and investing for the long term
  • Sustaining profits and growth with limited resources
    “Rural-style” approaches to growth and profitability in resource-constrained environments
  • Adapting to the new economic realities of self-reliance
    Marketing and managing when there won’t be any bailouts or safety nets

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