A Merchant's Guide to Credit and Loyalty - EMEA

Monday, 02 July 2012 15:51


Credit and loyalty programs have made the difference between growth and decline in competitive retail environments.


Even mobile payments, as the market has come to realise, are driven by merchant offers and payment convenience for consumers.


No merchant ever lost a sale because they do not offer mobile payments. Yet Starbucks has made good business out of running its own card and rewards program and used this as a basis for its wildly successful, barcode based, mobile payment channel.



This reports shows merchants how to use credit and rewards to increase same store sales effectively and profitably.


It covers

  • the business issues
  • the competitive landscape
  • the rules merchants need to follow in order to work with banks
  • and also gets into the nitty gritty with detailed steps to follow regarding system selection and funding receivables.

The knowledge delivered through the EMEA version of this report is based on Mark Sibthorpe's 11 years of experience working with banks and merchants to build credit and loyalty programs. He has developed programs with receivables up to $4 billion dollars. He also has a strong technology background having headed marketing and sales for a leading retail banking software developer based in the UK and Africa.


This report is a must-read for merchants looking to be in the credit or loyalty business.


This report is also essential reading for telcos and banks looking to participate in mobile payments and understand credit and loyalty from a merchant's perspective.


About Mark Sibthorpe

mark sibthorpe picture


Credit and loyalty expert with mobile payments and banking experience dating back to 2001.


2011 - Built merchant strategy for coalition credit and loyalty program for 10 big box retailers. Estimated $4 bn in transactions per year. 


2009-2010 - In partnership with John Anticoli, revolutionized payments in the bankruptcy trustee industry by migrating 900 bankruptcy trustees from cheques to electronic payments. Estimated to save several forests and generate $2 bn in deposits. 


2001-2009 - Assisted technology companies in the financial service industry to improve their strategies and grow their market share. Several 7-figure deals in Canada and EMEA.


1997-2000 - Led several high profile internet projects including a automated web translation initiative that led to deals with Netscape, Siemens, Bank Tokyo Mitsubishi, among others.


Expert in optimizing payment strategies, loyalty and credit cards.

Published August 2012
150 pages

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Swipe fees: catalyst for change

Merchants taking control of credit and loyalty

Case study: Nordstrom card strategy gamble


Chapter 3

Card types and network comparison

Payment card networks

Issuing financial institution

Network operating models


Chapter 4

Calculating rewards: the merchant approach

The merchant credit and loyalty strategy, distilled


Chapter 5

Establishing the value of reward programs for banks and merchants

Loyalty financial analysis

Merchants can use rewards to level the playing field…somewhat


Chapter 6

Program features moving from a rewards program to loyalty management.


Chapter 7

Guidelines for working with card issuing banks

Program marketing

Pre-approved market segment


Chapter 9

Perspectives on merchants controlling acquiring processing


Chapter 10

System selection guidelines

Building an RFI & RFP

Project Vision

Merchant objectives

Merchant business objectives

Technology objectives

Table 9, Evaluation of Business Needs

Chapter 11

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)


Chapter 12

Corporate structure, roles and responsibilities


Chapter 13

Nectar case study

Nectar card Merchant overview

Key features of the program

Nectars database and IT systems


Chapter 14

Canadian Tire Financial Services (CTFS) card case study

About CTFS

Card financial highlights

Cardmember Exclusives


Chapter 15

Walmart case study


Chapter 16

How cards are funded


Chapter 17

Target Corp overview and approach to receivables

Card revenue historical summary

Funding for Credit Card Receivables

Credit Card Receivable Portfolio Breakdown



Mark played an instrumental role in introducing Pacific & Western Bank of Canada to Canada’s leading software provider for Trustees in bankruptcy.  That introduction paved the way for a project that will see our Bank provide integrated banking services to this niche industry while at the same time providing us with access to a deposit base that will significantly reduce our overall cost of funds.


Neil Beaton, President Pacific Western Bank / Versabanq

Not only does Mark’s experience bring a unique insight onto the complex inner workings of the credit card merchant loyalty market, but this report takes it further in providing a “lessons learned” and “how to” methodology for launching a successful card program.

John Anticoli, Consultant in the financial service industry