A Practical Guide to Social Media in Financial Services

Friday, 29 April 2011 08:57

Book 1 in the new series 'Customer Experience Without Borders'

by Christophe Langlois


Published: June 2011

ISBN 978-1-907720-15-4

266 pages

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new_Langlois3_fr_hi-resEverything you ever wanted to know about social media in financial services ... but were afraid to ask

Web 2.0, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, blogging, virtual worlds … is social media all a bit unfamiliar as a working tool? All a bit smoke and mirrors? Do people really want to interact with their financial services providers in cyberspace? What about the potential for reputational risk? And there’s no bottom-line impact, surely?  Best just leave it to the marketing people ….

WRONG! The benefits of leveraging social media go well beyond marketing. Blogs, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook have quickly became essential tools to manage reputation, foster innovation, develop new products, strengthen customer relationships and satisfaction, drive customer advocacy, aid recruitment, and increase market share.  Social media has increased expectations: now your customers expect you to show you listen to them – they want to be able to trust you. And word of mouth is increasingly powerful: it is critical to know who your key influencers, advocates and, yes, your detractors, are, and to find the best way to engage with them.

So, you need a complete social media strategy. And A Practical Guide to Social Media in Financial Services contains everything you need to get it.  It offers a pragmatic approach to social media in our heavily regulated financial services industry.  Its compelling theme is how to create an ever greater customer experience through engaging with them and rewarding them for their support.


A Practical Guide to Social Media in Financial Services is both a start-up guide for the social media novice and a best practice guide for the more experienced.  In it, you’ll find all you need to know about:

•    Judging and assessing your social media operation;
•    Proving the business case and ROI (get a copy for your Chief Financial Officer);
•    The commonly made mistakes (and how to avoid them);
•    Recruiting and managing talent, working with, not against, your social media team, improving worker relations, and breaking silos;
•    Best practice by banking market and segment;
•    The most comprehensive financial social media case book ever assembled;
•    Learning the lessons and assessing the contribution of those who didn’t execute their initiatives properly;
•    The more challenging questions you need to be asking a social media software vendor;
•    And, of course, a forecast of where the industry might go next.

The risk of not embracing or at the very least acknowledging social media is considerable. So … what are you going to do about it?


Summary contents
Chapter 1 Social Media: Understanding the opportunity…
Chapter 2 Leadership 2.0: yes, Senior Executives can tweet and blog too
Chapter 3 HR, Recruitment, and Personal Branding
Chapter 4 Reputation, Risk and Moderation
Chapter 5 Public Relations 2.0: Towards more engagement
Chapter 6 Loyalty & Voice Of the Customer: turning your customers into brand ambassadors
Chapter 7 Stories: connecting with emotions and experiences, not financial products
Chapter 8 Innovation: Crowdsourcing, Foursquare and Labs
Chapter 9 Promotion, Contests and REWARDS
Chapter 10 Facebook: benchmarking 800+ Pages in 70 countries
Chapter 11 Twitter: benchmarking 1,400+ accounts in 70 countries
Chapter 12 From KYC to KYF: Know Your Followers/Fans
Chapter 13 Building Successful Online Communities14 Other Social Media Initiatives: corporate blogging, personal finance management, enterprise 2.0, virtual worlds


"Christophe has taken a comprehensive and well researched look at the emergence of social media in the retail financial services space. What is impressive, is the broad level of involvement he's had from industry players from such a wide geographical context.

If you're in banking or financial services and you're starting out, or you are looking to tweak your social media strategy with a few new tricks and strategies, then "A Practical Guide to Social Media in Financial Services" should be the first book on your to-read list.

The case studies are what make this book because they are real, actionable and are in place today!" Brett King, Author - BANK 2.0

“Christophe is an industry leader and a true visionary. I've been reading his work for some time and had the pleasure of working with him. His sharing of keen insight, opinion and direct connections to leading industry members was exceptionally valuable. If you want to stay on top of what is happening in this space, stay connected to Christophe and point your RSS reader to his blog.” Michael Neil, Vice President Online Strategy, Merrill Lynch

“Christophe has been a great sounding board and provided valuable encouragement for our social media activities at Christophe combines deep understanding of social media with a keen eye on commercial outcomes which is rare in this young space.” Gerd Schenkel, Managing Director, UBank (part of National Australia Bank)

“Christophe's blog, Visible Banking, is a source I refer to often in my quest to keep up with viewpoints on the future of banking. His insights are always helpful, and I value his feedback on our own social media marketing efforts.” Ed Terpening, VP Social Network Marketing, Wells Fargo

“Christophe has written a very valuable and in-depth analysis of the site Fortis launched for entrepreneurs, He maintains a superb site,, where he educates us with real passion on Web 2.0 initiatives. It was a real pleasure to meet Christophe in real life, and I can recommend to everyone in the banking industry with plans to launch a web 2.0 site to contact Christophe to discuss their idea.” Catherine Ossemerct, Head of Media Channels, Fortis

“Christophe exceeds expectations in delivering innovative, top class insight with a hands on and actionable approach. If you need to get your social house in order, or just looking to redecorate, Christophe is your man.” Jonathan Elliott, Head of Web Analytics,UniCredit Group


Christophe Langlois is a trusted advisor, an active blogger and business networker. He spent most of his career in banking and financial services covering the EMEA region.

In 2007 Christophe founded, which quickly became the leading independent blog 100% focused on social media in banking, financial services and insurance.

In 2008 Christophe left his Senior Innovation Manager role at Lloyds TSB, one of the major banks in the UK, to set up Visible Media Ltd and help financial institutions to better understand and leverage social media.The Visible Banking Team now tracks over 2,400 initiatives from financial institutions in 70+ countries on twitter, facebook, youtube and blogs (April 2011).

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