Bank to the Future

Friday, 14 October 2011 10:00

by Simon Dixon

BTTTF_BOOK_resized_front_CoverWe are in a time like no other. Those who play the game by the new rules understand that seven highly disruptive new technologies are changing the rules of work.

Those who understand the rules of money and finance also know that we are sitting on a debt trap that is proving increasingly hard to finance. They are preparing now. So can you.

We are also living in a time when technology is replacing jobs at a fast rate. Your career may be next. If you own a business, you need to prepare too.

So how do we thrive in such unique times?

Those who do not understand the new rules of finance, technology and money will lose out.

This book explains the rules, how you can use them to overcome the problems you will face, and how you can prosper, during and after the massive change ahead.


Bank to the Future was published in February 2012 in print, PDF and e-book formats. The e-book and PDF formats are fully interactive, highly illustrated, and provide links to videos and relevant web sites and social networking sites, and offer the best experience of the book's resources.

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"Simon's vision for your future and how finance will affect us all is eye-opening and a must read for all who care about protecting themselves in the rough rides ahead."  Thomas Power, founder of the first business to business social network, Ecademy.


"Having disrupted traditional banking twice in my life, I think I am qualified to spot a disruption. The future that Simon talks about in this book is disruptive to not just banks, but every financial institution. Both controversial and insightful." Mike Harris, CEO & Founder of two banks - Egg & First Direct


"We'll see some radical changes in the financial system over the next few years. Simon does a brilliant job of explaining the fundamental problems with the current system, and showing how innovation and entrepreneurs can address these fatal flaws and change finance for the better."  Ben Dyson, Director & Founder of Positive Money




Chapter 1 - The economy of freedom
Chapter 2 - The debt trap
Chapter 3 - The free economy
Chapter 4 - Back to 1844
Chapter 5 - Hugely Disruptive Technology 1 - The World Wide Web
Chapter 6 - Hugely Disruptive Technology 2 - Digital Money
Chapter 7 - Hugely Disruptive Technology 3 - The Social Networks
Chapter 8 - Hugely Disruptive Technology 4 - CrowdFunding
Chapter 9 - Hugely Disruptive Technology 5 - Person To Person Lending
Chapter 10 - Hugely Disruptive Technology 6 - MicroFinance Platforms
Chapter 11 - Hugely Disruptive Technology 7 - The Mobile Smart Phone
Chapter 12 - To Reform Or Not To Reform?


About Simon Dixon

After founding the world's leading online training company for students seeking careers in investment banking with billionaire Peter Hargreaves, Simon dedicated himself to 'banking reform through education, politics and entrepreneurship.

As founder of, an online social network where users can fund, borrow, raise funds and invest, Simon has first hand experience of how hugely disruptive technologies like social networking, crowdfunding and person to person lending can disrupt an entire industry.

Simon Dixon's mission is to create a working model of banking reform as well as continue to campaign for banking reform by implementing the proposed reforms outlined by the not-for-profit organisation 'Positive Money'.