Contactless Payments in Poland 2013

Sunday, 10 February 2013 14:35


Based on original research and exclusive data this report assesses contactless payment instruments in Poland - perhaps the most innovative contactless market in Europe.


Since 2011 Poland has experienced a rapid increase in both the volume and value of contactless transactions.


Significant penetration of cards and contactless POS terminals in Poland has been achieved, enabling the use of the advantages of new technology, which are primarily convenience and speed of the transaction. These features allow the contactless cards to increasingly compete with cash payments, even in the area of low-value transactions, a tipping point which has brought more banks into the market. 


2012 saw significant new stages in the development of contactless payments on the Polish market, in particular the long-awaited commercial deployment of mobile NFC payments. 

This report by Polasik Research:

  •  Is 51 pages long and is based on interviews with 22 experts and market watchers.

  • Presents the results of an exclusive survey of 23 banks (that hold 99% of all contactless cards issued in Poland), 9 acquirers representing 99% of the entire Polish contactless POS terminals network, as well as 2 mobile network operators.

  • 40 charts and figures.

  • Contains forecasts for market development in 2013-14.

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