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UK Retail Payments 

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Renminbi Internationalisation

Google Wallet 2.0, Mobile Commerce - A Forecast of the Winners and Losers

Small Business Financial Services: Best Practices Benchmark

When Number Don't Count: Building Qualitative Research into Business Planning and Short-Term Business Forecasting

Banking Technology and Innovation

Augmented Reality in Financial ServicesThe Top 10 Mistakes in Managing IT in the Financial Sector - and How to Avoid Them Cloud Computing in Financial ServicesGoogle Wallet and the New Payments Ecosystem

Banking Regulation

Effective Bank Regulation and SupervisionThe Future of Banking After Global Re-Regulation


Cards and Payments


A Merchant's Guide to Credit and LoyaltyDisruptive Mobile Applications and Services 2011-2015Google Wallet and the New Payments EcosystemMobile Payments 2012-2016Mobile Messaging Futures 2012-2016Mobile Data Usage Trends 2011-2015Smartphone Futures 2012-2016The Global Contactless Payment Cards Market: Development, Opportunities and PerspectivesThe Future for Electronic Payments in Russia, Will there be another MPESA? The Future for M-banking and Payments in Emerging MarketsTesco Bank and Virgin Money: Can Banking WIthout the Banks Work?


Market Studies


Banking in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Strategic Market Review, Eastern Europe: Risk Perceptions versus Economic FundamentalsNordic Card Trends and Opportunities 2011-2012The Future for Electronic Payments in Russia


Mobile Banking

Mobile Payments 2012-2016Mobile Messaging Futures 2012-2016 Disruptive Mobile Applications and Services 2011-2015 Mobile Data Usage Trends 2011-2015

Smartphone Futures 2012-2016

Retail Banking

Retail Banking Strategies: The Critical Dimensions for Excellence


Liquidity Strategies for Banks and Financial Institutions

Wealth Management


Something New Under The Sun: The Space Investment Report 2013Wealth Management : The Key Dynamics for Growth



Talent Management 2Transforming Public Services