Mobile Payments 2012-2016

Monday, 21 November 2011 15:08
New report -  Analysis and forecasts for the worldwide market for mobile payment services, including NFC technology

  • Comprehensive assessment of the  fast-evolving, high-growth mobile payments space
  • Essential insight for mobile commerce stakeholders the world over
  • Covers Google Wallet,  Mobile  Payment Users and Volumes, Near Field Communication (NFC), Mobile Ticketing and Coupons, In-app Payments, Mobile Banking, Regional Trends (including the  UK and US), Key Developments, Case Studies of Key Players, Smartphone Shipments, Mobile  Apps User Base, Mobile Transaction Platforms,  Drivers and Inhibitors, Business Models and much more.
Mobile payment services are one of the most disruptive services presently evolving in the telecoms industry, and have now developed to such an extent that some argue the ever more multi-functional mobile handset could replace the wallet altogether, through cashless and cardless payment systems.

Everyone in the mobile payments ecosystem – mobile network operators, solution vendors, app stores and developers, banks and card issuers, big retailers and other major merchants, handset and device vendors, and consumer associations – are in agreement that the mobile payments space is going to be a big market, but there is currently no consensus on exactly how we are going to get there.

Near Field Communication (NFC) looks strong, but – as with any solution that involves getting the overwhelming majority of the stakeholders within a value chain to work together and cooperate for a major industry change – there are likely to be countless conflicts of interest and endless differing opinions as to how to progress; especially with fantastic opportunities and hundreds of billions of dollars worth of transactions to compete for.

This new market study thoroughly examines the worldwide market for mobile payment services over the following eight fact-filled chapters:
•    Introduction
•    Mobile Commerce
•    Worldwide Mobile Market
•    Worldwide Mobile Money Market (includes: Mobile Payments, NFC, Ticketing and Coupons, In-app Payments, Mobile Banking)
•    Regional Trends (includes: UK and US Case Studies; and Regional Key Developments)
•    Case Studies – Key Players (ViVOtech, Visa, SK Telecom, Square, Ericsson IPX, Bango, and Boku)
•    Summary and Conclusions
•    Appendices (includes: Business Models)

In 2011, there were 158.1 million mobile payment users worldwide, and this number is forecast to break 1 billion by end-2016. Mobile payment volumes, which denote the face value of purchases and transactions through mobile handsets, stood at USD 159.3 billion in 2011 and are projected to comfortably cross USD 1 trillion by end-2016.

While little is certain in the young and rapidly evolving m-payments market, NFC is still likely to become one of the leading global standards in enabling this growth.

While not all mobile subscribers with NFC-capable handsets will be availing mobile payment services – for varying reasons – there will be 129.1 million subscribers worldwide with NFC-enabled handsets at end-2011, rising to nearly 1.2 billion by end-2016. In line with this rising installed NFC user base, NFC payment volumes will account for 40.8 percent of the total worldwide mobile payment transaction volume by end-2016, up from 15.3 percent in 2011.

Portio Research comprehensively assesses the mobile payments space in our essential new market study. With analysis and forecasts for the worldwide market for mobile payment services to 2016, this report includes data and commentary on: Mobile Money, Mobile Remittance, Mobile Wallet, Google Wallet, Mobile Transaction Platforms, Drivers and Inhibitors, Business Models and Billing Relationships therein, Mobile Payment Users and Volumes, NFC-capable Handsets, NFC Payment Volumes, Mobile Ticketing and Coupon Users and Volumes, In-app Payment Revenue, Mobile Banking Users, Regional Trends (including the UK and US), Key Developments, Case Studies of Key Players, Smartphone Shipments, Mobile Apps User Base and much more.

With the uptake of mobile payment services being driven by both developed and developing economies, Mobile Payments 2012-2016 delivers must-read insight for mobile commerce stakeholders the world over.

Further reasons to buy this research:
•    New five-year forecasts to 2016
•    Examine mobile payment opportunities for key stakeholders
•    Benefit from supporting case studies and profiles
•    Compare how mobile money has evolved in developing and developed markets
•    Instantly improve familiarity with mobile transaction platforms (SMS/Application; WAP; USSD; NFC/ Contactless payments)
•    Better appreciate NFC’s role as a growth-enabler
•    Scrutinise additional projections for Worldwide Smartphone Shipments, Mobile Application Users, and Worldwide and Regional Mobile Subscriber Numbers
•    Includes depiction and appraisal of Mobile Payments Business Models (Bank-centric; Collaboration; Operator-centric; Peer-to-Peer), and Glossary of Terms

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Key features

Key features of this exciting new market study:

  • Comprehensive assessment of the fast-evolving, high- growth  mobile payments space
  • Must-read insight for mobile commerce  takeholders the world over
  • Study growth  forecasts  and market sizing to 2016
  • Digest worldwide, regional and country-level analysis
  • Explore and identify opportunities in the exciting m-payments  market
  • Analyse data  forecasts and commentary on Mobile Payment Users; Mobile Payment Volumes; NFC-capable Handsets;  NFC Payment Volumes; Mobile Ticketing and Coupon  Users and Volumes; Mobile In-app Payment Revenue; and Mobile Banking Users
  • Understand the drivers and inhibitors within the m-payments ecosystem
  • Review regional trends  (including UK and US case studies) and key developments
  • Learn more about  key players like ViVOtech, Visa, SK Telecom, Square, Ericsson IPX, Bango, and Boku
  • Read explanations of mobile wallet terminology and how Google Wallet works

All this and more in this must-have 119-page report


Summary contents -  click here to download full Contents listing, including over 60 Tables and Figures
Chapter  1:     Introduction
Chapter  2:     Mobile Commerce
Chapter  3:     Worldwide Mobile Market
Chapter 4:      Worldwide Mobile Money Market
Chapter  5:     Regional Trends
Chapter  6:     Case Studies – Key Players
Chapter  7:     Summary and Conclusions
Chapter  8:     Appendices

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