Nordic Card Trends & Opportunities 2011-2012

Tuesday, 03 May 2011 08:16
by MACAW research

•    Understand the trends that will shape the dynamic Nordic card industry in 2011 and 2012 in an increasingly competitive market.
•    This unique report determines the growth opportunities for the credit, debit and prepaid card markets in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland.
•    Explore card trends and opportunities in the Nordic region that will allow you to tap into new revenue streams in an ever evolving industry.
•    Key concepts include card portfolio optimization, prepaid opportunities, contactless and mobile payments,
and user experience innovations

Nordic Card Trends & Opportunities 2011-2012 is the anticipated sequel to MACAW research’s previous report in the Nordic Card Trends & Opportunities series published two years ago. Much has happened in the dynamic Nordic payments space in the economic downturn and recovery phases; and many new possibilities have opened up.

The report describes the development of the credit and debit card markets over the last three years and predicts the spend patterns for 2011-2012 for Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden utilizing a historically accurate statistical model based on card payments and economic indicators.

Next, the report assesses the potential of the emerging Nordic prepaid card sector, including drivers and inhibitors to growth, and the size of the current market potential for both closed and open loop products. Nine different prepaid categories are assessed: Consumer gifting, Government disbursements, Corporate incentives & benefits, Payroll, FX & Travel, Fuel, Transportation, Remittance, and General purpose reloadable products.

Finally, the report presents 12 Trend articles, each which explores new card trends and opportunities in the Nordics. The topics revolve around modern card portfolio optimization, new prepaid channels and segments, social media and payments (including Facebook), mobile and contactless payments, and credit and debit trends including loyalty points and cash back. The articles are backed by facts, professional views and case studies.

For those readers who want additional information on a given topic, references to online resources such as blog posts, news articles, press releases, company websites and financial reports are provided.

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European Comparisons
Nordic Card Statistics
Card Forecasting Model
Card Market Size Forecasts
Nordic Prepaid Market Assessment

Prepaid application descriptions
Benefits delivered by prepaid applications
Prepaid drivers and inhibitors of growth
Prepaid market size forecasts
Prepaid competitive landscape
Second E-money Directive
Prepaid 3rd Party Distribution
Third party channels
The closed loop business case
The open loop business case
Government Prepaid
Public sector prepaid.
Case study: Stuttgart FamilienCard
Case study: Nordea Municipality Cards
Risk Based Pricing
Differentiated APRs
Unsecured loans use risk-based pricing
Market saturation
Higher funding costs
Behavior Scoring
Behavior scoring vs. credit application scoring
Card Performance Optimization
Case study: Vanquis Bank
Mobile Payments
Defining mobile payments
Nordic countries versus Developing countries
The Challenger case
The Payment network case
The Merchant case
The Consumer case Mobile payments in a Sepa perspective
The Mobile Payments Ecosystem
Contactless Payments
Form factors
Chicken and egg
Contactless appeal
Consumer attitudes
Cash Back and Bonus Points
Cash back and point variants
Cash back levels
Rational consumers:The Banana Case
Opportunity: Cash back for business
Debit Card Innovation
Debit loyalty programs
Micro transactions
Affinity transactions
Opportunity: Choose your Affinity Opportunity: Tax funded cash back
P2P Lending
Case study: TrustBuddy
Google, Apple, Amazon, PayPal and Facebook
Online payments
Proprietary payments
Redefining banking
Caveats of virtual currencies
Reality check
Case study: Facebook credits
Banking Apps and UX
Banking Apps
What can banks learn from Apple, Facebook etc?
Virtual Game Goods
Spending real money on virtual goods
Third party gaming services
Virtual goods - banking opportunity
Co-branded opportunity
Opportunity: Funcom
Appendix: Methodology notes and terminology


MACAW research is an Oslo-based consulting company specialized in cards and payments intelligence. We have experience from projects in 20+ countries ranging from card performance optimization to card market forecasts and business development aid. Our clients are card issuers, card service providers and other payment industry stakeholders.

The author of the report is Jon Sederqvist Østmoe. Jon is the founder of MACAW research. Jon has extensive experience in payment cards research and analysis, he writes for international payment journals, and is a frequent speaker at payments conferences, workshops and board meetings for companies in the financial services sector.