Strategic Human Capital Management for Financial Institutions: Human Resources Tool Kit

Sunday, 24 March 2013 21:45

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Industry research shows that Strategic Human Capital Management (SHCM) has a significant impact on the performance of financial institutions; for example, 33% higher return on total capital, 49% improvement in ROA, 27% improvement on ROE and 16.5% increase in the organisation’s market value.  Recognising the central role played by HR leaders,Strategic Human Capital Management for Financial Institutions: Human Resources Tool Kit assists the HR leader fulfil his or her strategic responsibilities and operational tasks.


The Tool Kit highlights the human capital factors that have been found to contribute most significantly to business performance and, through their success, on initiatives to support economic development and poverty reduction.


It outlines developed tools and approaches to integrate HCM into the business strategy of a financial institution or bank in emerging economies, and provides comprehensive guides, checklists and metrics to enable effective implementation of HR strategy.


Strategic Human Capital Management for Financial Institutions: Human Resources Tool Kit

Published July 2013

ISBN 978-1907720-659

154 pages


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Institutional Sources for the Tool Kit
01 Human Resources Tool Kit
02 Score Card: Business Life Cycle
03 Matrix: The HCM System – Expected Components by Life Cycle Stage
04 Rapid Assessment: HCM System
05 Guide: HCM System Critical Metrics
06 Guide: Strategy Integration Process
07 Checklist: Integrating HCM into Strategy
08 Guide: Tips for HCM Components Included in Strategic Initiatives
09 Guide: Metrics for HCM Components of Strategic Initiatives
10 Checklist: Business Performance Linked to HCM Drivers
11 Troubleshooting Guide: HCM Factors and Business Performance Problems
12 Guide: Addressing Gaps in the HCM System
13 Mini-guide: Critical Leadership Competencies for Strategic HCM
14 Detailed Checklist: Contents of the HR Department Strategy
15 Detailed Guide: Success Indictors and Metrics for HR Strategy Components
16 Checklist: Supporting Strategic HCM Documents
17 Guide: Building the HCM System – Priorities, Leverage, and Impacts


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About the Author

Prinny Anderson is a globally recognized human capital educator, coach, author and consultant and a principal of Design for Learning & Change in Durham, North Carolina, USA. Prinny is the lead human capital professional for SBBN. Her projects through SBBN and others in the industry range from in-depth human capital advisory engagements to workshops for HR teams, management training, and intensive preparation of younger professionals to provide strategic human capital management support to financial institutions.