The SmartPhone Wallet – Understanding the Disruption Ahead

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Published: December 2010

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Do you use a mobile phone?
Do you use credit cards or debit cards?

If so, you need to know that a revolution has started that will impact you sooner than you think, and this book will tell you  – the consumer – what you need to know now.

The reality is that a torrent of advertising and promotional marketing is heading your way to try to convince you to use new services on your SmartPhone at retail stores. Perhaps you have already seen some, or signed up for some.

These new services may seem novel, but this revolution is far more significant than that.  At stake is the future of the credit card system that moves over $11 trillion per year from consumers to retailers. Some of the largest companies in the world think this system should change, starting now. Other, equally large companies think everything should stay the same.

These two sides are already lining up on a battlefield, with you standing in the middle. And, if you are not careful, the first casualty will be your privacy.

Find out what is happening, how it may affect you, and what you can do about it. Read The SmartPhone Wallet – Understanding the Disruption Ahead.


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About David Schropfer

David W. Schropfer is an international business leader with two decades of management experience ranging from telecommunications to payment systems. Mr. Schropfer is a Partner with the internationally recognized consulting firm, The Luciano Group, where he leads its Mobile Payment and Mobile Commerce practice. Earlier in his career, he was Senior Vice President with IDT Telecom, and a Business Development Officer for Capital One. He has served on the Board of Directors for multiple companies, and is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and trade shows. After graduating Boston College, David earned an Executive MBA from the University of Miami.






''You’re not a Computer Science Engineer or a payments expert but just like everyone else you have a mobile phone. You’re not a first adopter but you’re intrigued with your phone’s capabilities and you would not mind to use it for more than a phone call or text. You’re bombarded with information about mobile financial services that either expect you to know it all or treat you like a child. In other words, if you are like most of us then The SmartPhone Wallet is a book for you. The book will take you through the basics of payments, mobile networks, the intersection where they meet, and what this convergence can mean to you.'' Mirek Kula, Co-Founder and CEO, REC-ORDER, LLC


"I recommend David Schropfer's "The Smartphone Wallet". This book is fundamentally sound and it is easy to read. David's practical view on next generation banking / smartphones is innovating and realistic. The book starts with describing today's banking / consumer function and the innovating technological movement on the horizon. Individuals involved in wireless banking and or any technology background interest should read this book." Patrick Gartner, Director of PM and IT integration, Activu Corporation



"The Smartphone Wallet was a great read.  The writing style made it an easy read.  The content and perspective gave some very valuable insight into future trends of mobile payments.  I can't wait for the next book in this series."  Meg Collin, Global Telecom Procurement and Sourcing Expert









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