The story of Searching Finance

Since starting in 2010, Searching Finance (SF) has added lists in technology, innovation, history and politics to its core publishing in market intelligence for financial services and pop economics for the world at large.


Am often asked what's the idea of SF, another question is why is your website a bit/very clunky?


Two good questions, and one informs the other. 


Most publishers put their publishing into neat little boxes: 'academic', 'trade', 'market intelligence', 'professional'. I don't, I just have (my name's Ash by the way) 'projects worth doing' and 'projects not worth doing'. It's much more like the Blue Moon detective agency rather than the unlovely world of B2B publishing, character free professional publishing or the hackishness of the trade.


Alas,the commitment to interestingness means the site is not that amazingly slick. Butit's being worked on. And if you have any suggestions, that's great. But yes I am aware that technology bankers in Indonesia aren't interested in payday lending stories from the UK, but one day they might be.


The other big idea isn't really SF originated, I've taken it from lawyer/entrepreneur/whatever Simon Deane-Johns, am now going to pretend it's own brand. In this day and age, companies either exist for their own benefit or they exist to solve customer problems. SF is aiming, but frequently failing, to be in the 2nd category.


In addition to the publishing,SF is always happy to share other folks' material, write whitepapers, join roundtables and the like.


Although UK based, and with a strong UK theme, the reach is global, and SF now has 200 authors and sells into 130 countries. Clients include: Accenture, Barclays, McKinsey and Polaris. Books and authors have been written up all over the place: Wall Street Journal, New York Times, American Banker, The Observer, The Guardian. 


Is that enough now?


Hope you like the site.


The SF Team