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Smartphone Futures 2012-2016

Newly published - Worldwide market analysis and competitor positioning in the high-end handset market in 2012 and beyond

 By Portio Research


The mobile handset industry is a $241 billion business, and with that kind of revenue flow the question is, can you afford NOT to be a part of this boom?


The smartphone business has been the single biggest revenue-generating growth-story over the last 4 years as the rest of the tech sector suffers amid this seemingly endless recession. Subscriber growth has slowed dramatically in saturated markets, voice and text have reach commodity pricing and margins are constantly squeezed hard under consumer pressure, yet around the world the appetite for new smartphones continues to gain pace.


Continuing to redefine the handset business, smartphones are fast becoming the device of choice for hundreds of millions of consumers, and 2012 is the year that worldwide smartphone shipments will top half a billion in one year. In this report you will learn that smartphone shipments reached 485 million in 2011, and that number will top 655 million in 2012, rising to over 1 billion smartphones per year by 2016.


This report will show you where that growth is going to be, and who the major players are, and how they are fighting for growth and market share in different regions. Packed with data, charts, figures and tables for your market forecasts, business plans and investor presentations, you cannot afford to miss this all-new market report.



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More Reasons to Buy

  • Detailed analysis of the booming smartphone market
  • Comprehensive market forecasts – handset shipments, smartphone shipments, mobile subscriber growth, handset revenues, regional breakouts, OS market share and much more
  • Extensive vendor profiles covering Samsung, Apple, Nokia, RIM, HTC, Motorola and Sony
  • Essential market data for your business plans and presentations
  • Access to previous editions of this best-selling market report
  • Comprehensive analysis of the smartphone market and the growth that still lies ahead


Key features


  • Full handset and smartphone shipments forecast at worldwide and regional level
  • Helpful regional analysis of vendor market share
  • Understand vendor positioning and vendor SWOT analysis
  • Examine shifting strengths among the major smartphone vendors – as Samsung have become the #1 player, while Nokia and RIM, who dominated just 3 years ago, have lost considerable market share
  • Study regional OS market share
  • Analysis of OS popularity in key country markets – including The US, UK, Australia, India and The Philippines
  • App store positioning – profiles cover Apple App Store, BB App World, Nokia Ovi Store, Android Market, Windows Marketplace and AT&T App Centre
  • Understand shifting trends in handset ASP
  • All the essential data you need for your presentations, market planning and market forecasting are contained in this detailed 169 page report



Here is just a brief outline of the Table of Contents of this detailed and thorough report.


Chapter 1: Introduction (including Mobile Subscriber growth and Handset Market Evolution)

Chapter 2: Mobile Handset Market (including Regional Shipments, Regional Market Share, ASP of Leading Vendors, AT&T Case Study)

Chapter 3: Smartphone Market (including Regional Analysis and Market Share)

Chapter 4: Smartphone Vendors Profiles

Chapter 5: Mobile OS Market

Chapter 6: Applications and Content Market

Chapter 7: Summary and Conclusions

Chapter 8: Appendices (includes detailed Glossary)

The report contains 164 figures and tables. This vast array of data includes - -

  • Mobile Subscribers – Worldwide
  • Mobile Handset Shipments – Worldwide
  • Handset Shipments – Regional Contribution
  • Handset Revenues – Worldwide
  • Handset Shipments by Operating Systems – Worldwide
  • Handset ASPs of Leading Vendors
  • Handset Shipments & Smartphone Shipments – Worldwide
  • Market Share of Smartphone Vendors – Worldwide and Regional
  • Market Share of Handset Vendors – Worldwide and Regional
  • Smartphone Penetration
  • Mobile Operating System Penetration in select markets
  • Smartphone Shipments as a Percentage of Total Handset Shipments – Worldwide
  • Smartphone Shipments Growth and Smartphone Share Growth as a Percentage – Worldwide
  • Smartphone Shipments and Market Share – By Vendor
  • Regional Break-out of Smartphone Shipments – By Vendor
  • SWOT Analysis – By Vendor
  • Market Share of OS by Shipments – Worldwide
  • OS Shipments and OS Market Share — By OS Vendor
  • Break-out of Available Applications by Type – By App Store
  • Most Popular Paid and Free Applications – By App Store
  • Application Downloads for Major Application Stores
  • Total Number of Smartphones by Vendor
  • Comparison of Smartphone Vendors – By Selected Parameters
  • Positioning of Smartphone Vendors, OS Vendors, App Stores






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