Kosta Peric's The Castle and The Sandbox

Sunday, 07 October 2012 18:53


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So what's the pitch?


Don't be fooled by Michael Scott and David Brent


Work can be creative, stimulating AND SUCCESSFUL, so isn't it time you escaped the drudge of the corporate castle and started creating and innovating in the sandbox?




Because if you ever wondered:

  • Can conservative companies in established industries become consistently innovative?
  • Is the next generation of innovation best left with Silicon Valley and young guys in hoodies in Harvard dorms?
  • Are industry giants and start-up ventures mutually incompatible?

Kosta Peric, ‎Deputy Director, Financial Services for the Poor at Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and previously Head of Innovation at SWIFT and now author of The Castle and The Sandbox' has the answers.


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The good news is that creativity and transformation are for all. 


In four wildly successful years as leader and co founder of the Innotribe, the initiative that's put innovation at the centre of global finance, Kosta has learned what it takes to create a culture of collaboration and change, and now in his long awaited book he shares his knowledge and hard earned lessons.



With examples from healthcare, music, Hollywood, mobile commerce, education and finance, Kosta dispells the myths of innovation and offers the tools, techniques and life lessons needed for a culture of open innovation.


Here's your chance to find out:

  • What's an intrapreneur? And where can I find one (or ten)?
  • How can I create a business case for innovation?
  • How can I start a fire outside of my organisation (not an actual fire, obviously)
  • Why are the boundaries between my company and the outside world arbitrary?

Of course, there's always life back with Michael and David.


“I am thankful that Innotribe has succeeded in convincing so many in the FS industry that, while we compete in our everyday business, we can survive and prosper only through collaborating on innovation.”

Mircea Mihaeascu, Director, Technology Research Center, Sberbank


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Published January 2013