The Extraordinary Madness of Banks and the Extreme Folly of Governments - Chris Skinner #GFC

Wednesday, 15 September 2010 13:41

Book 5 of the Complete Banker Series - new edition 


By Chris Skinner


Published: 30 November 2011

186pp paperback

Also available in PDF/e-book formats   

ISBN: 978-1-907720-36-9


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Madness_of_Banks_FRcov_thumbnailThe markets are mad and, right now, they’re mad with the Europeans.Tomorrow, who knows? This new edition looks at the crisis in the Eurozone and its maelstorm of debt funding issues.  It considers the crisis of leadership, with all the markets betting the Eurozone will crash unless and until the European Central Bank steps in to sort out the mess through direct central bank funding. Something which, at the time of writing, the Germans have resisted but appears to be inevitable

But this is not just another book about the financial crisis.  This book is about the outcome. It tracks the markets from the day that Lehman Brothers collapsed, and before with Northern Rock, through the reactions of policymakers, politicians, regulators and markets.  It shows where the weaknesses were in hindsight, and where the pitfalls may be in foresight.  It tries to give the reader a chance to absorb and understand the key movements that created the crisis, and the explanation of why banks, bonuses and bosses are still at the trough feeding and greeding their way through the issues faced.


The Complete Banker series of books is based upon Chris Skinner’s influential blog.  The series provides the reader with all they need to know about banking and is split into key themes covering retail, commercial and investment banking and the way they are being changed by economics, politics, technology and society. For the amateur and the expert, the knowledgeable and those seeking knowledge, the economist and the politician, the banker and the banked, the Complete Banker series provides you with the truth about the banking.  Not just the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth ... but the Complete Truth.






Key topics:

Chapter 1         Anatomy of the crisis

Chapter 2        Governments in action

Chapter 3        Regulators’ reaction

Chapter 4        Banks’ inaction?

Chapter 5        Too big to fail?

Chapter 6        The bonus issue

Chapter 7        Solutions to the crisis – a personal view



Praise for Chris Skinner

“Chris has both the intellectual acumen as well as the drive and dedication to his industry which is so sadly rare in the business world today.” Steve Edwards MBE, Head of Fraud,  eBay Europe


“Chris is uniquely skilled in articulately painting a clear picture of the dynamics impacting our future.”  Deborah L. Bianucci, President & CEO, BAI, USA


“Chris successfully captures the pulse of the financial services industry, not from a European or American, but from a truly global perspective.” Emmanuel Daniel, Founder, The Asian Banker, Asia


About Chris Skinner

Chris has been providing independent, expert commentary on the key developments in banking for over a decade in his role as Chief Executive of Balatro and Chairman of the Financial Services Club.  He is now perhaps best known for his daily blog at, and his writing for other media, such as The Banker magazine since 2004.  He is also a key commentator on banking for prime time news channels including the BBC, Sky and Bloomberg.  Prior to creating his independent entities, Chris had key roles at management and board levels covering insurance, retail and investment banking across a range of consulting and technology firms.