International Wealth Planning and Tax Structuring Handbook 2012

Friday, 02 March 2012 14:59
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International Wealth Planning and Tax Structuring Handbook  2012     

This invaluable resource covers all the need-to-know developments in areas ranging from the characteristics of individual tax regimes to the possible consequences of immigration. Fiduciary issues, business succession, family law and foreign investment - nothing has been neglected.

Drawing together the extensive expertise of the senior lawyers at international law firm Baker & McKenzie and quality contributing law firms, The International Wealth Planning and Tax Structuring Handbook gives in-depth, yet clear and concise guidance on 45 major onshore jurisdictions.

The Handbook has been compiled to help busy wealth managers maximise their time, allowing them to easily maintain the cutting-edge expertise clients rightly expect.

Authors: Attorneys from Baker & McKenzie and Quality Contributing Law Firms
Publisher: ClearView Financial Media (publishers of Pte Ltd
Format: 350pp, printed A4
Publication date: March/April 2012
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Each chapter deals with the following areas:
General Tax Issues & Tax Planning Wealth Planning Issues & Techniques Immigration & Expatriation
Tax Residence Definition Foreign Investment Pre-Immigration Planning
Taxation of Resident Individuals Political Risk Mobility Planning - Generally
Taxation of Non-resident Individuals Currency & Exchange Controls Mobility Planning - Trailing Residency/Domicile
Retirement Assets Succession Law Exit/Expatriation Tax
Business Income Forced Heirship
Gift & Inheritance Taxation Forced Heirship Planning
Gift & Inheritance Tax Planning Wills
Family Law
Wealth Taxation Asset Protection Marital Property
Wealth Tax Planning Asset Protection Planning Divorce
Tax Treaties Use of Trusts Adoption
Controlled Foreign Corporations Usufruct
Anti-Avoidance Rules Life Insurance Strategies
Tax Planning - Trusts Business Succession
Tax Planning - Companies Use of Offshore Companies
Tax Planning - Partnerships

Tax Planning - Foundations

Charitable Planning

Undeclared Funds & Tax Regularization

Geographic coverage

Countries Covered