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The Red Book

RedBookFrontsmallThe Red Book is a collection of essays and thought pieces on political and economic policy that has been produced by Labour Left, a campaign grouping within the UK Labour Party that aims to generate ethically socialist policies and intellectually reclaim what it means to be Left.


There need to be fresh perspectives in the debate on the direction of change in Labour party policy in order to achieve future electoral success.


This is where Labour Left, and the Red Book, has its place. The writing in the Red Book aims to present a clear vision for a Labour Party and government of the future. Only by reaffirming Labour’s core values, but updating them for the modern setting, can the party hope to reconnect with its traditional base.


With the Red Book, Labour Left has found its voice.


Publication date: January 2012 (paperback)
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Part I: Introducing Labour Left and Ethical Socialism

A Place for Labour Left in the Great Labour Debate, by Andy Shaw
The Human Face of Socialism, by Prof. Beverley Clack

Part II: What now for the NHS?

The Betrayal of our NHS, by Richard Grimes
An NHS Which Belongs to Us, by David Taylor-Gooby
Commercialisation of Public Services, by Grahame Morris MP

Part III: Education: Unequal Resources, Social Mobility and Poverty of Aspiration

Archimedes or Stephenson?, by Chi Onwurah MP
Education, ‘a debt due, from the present to future generations’ by Dan Young (with input from Andy Shaw)

Part IV: Labour Left and the Importance of Ethical Economics

Consumer Debt, by Carl Packman
A Living Wage, by Teresa Pearce MP
Tax at the Heart of Labour Left, by Richard Murphy
Private Renters, the Forgotten Millions who Abandoned Labour, by Dr Éoin Clarke
Houses not to Blame, by Austin Mitchell MP
Labour's Co-operative Future, by James Doran
Recession: the Socialist Solution, by Austin Mitchell MP

Part V: Can Academic Philosophy Help us to Learn the Lessons of our General Election Defeat?

Understanding the Psychology of the Working Class Right Wing, by Rhiannon Lockley
The Real Lesson of New Labour, by Dr Phil Burton-Cartledge
Labour Winning in the South, by Thomas Gann

Part VI: Making Affordable Energy Compatible with Sustainable Energy

Energy Efficiency Provides One of the Keys to Affordable Energy, by Michael McAleer
Financial Benefits of Green Energy can Help Pay its Price, by Mark Brophy
Making the Case for Opening New Coal Mines, by Ian Lavery MP & Michael McAleer

Part VII:  Labour Left and Issues Beyond Class

LGB&T and the Next Generation of Reforms, by Dr Mike Homfray
What Now for Gender Equality?, by Sophie Bryce
Harsh Lessons for Labour if they Wish to Recapture the Christian Vote, by Graham Burnby-Crouch
A New Ethical Foreign Policy for Labour, by Mark Seddon
Labour Must Champion the Cause of the ‘Working Poor’ if We Want to Win the 2015 General Election, by Dr Éoin Clarke

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Snarketing diseases

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Collect the tax - avoid the cuts

Richard Murphy, author of the recently published, The Courageous State, writes in today's ''Comment is Free'' section in The Guardian: 
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Hard Times call for courageous action and thought leadership to challenge the “there’s no alternative” brigade.

Cometh the hour cometh the man and that man is Richard Murphy. Through his research, analysis and commitment to social justice he has opened up possibilities for forging a just and sustainable society. His policy prescriptions now attract attention in higher echelons.

Murphy’s book “The Courageous State” shows much that is wrong in our society.

All around us there is economic and social decay. The era of managed capitalism has been displaced by the New Right philosophies of leaving it to the market, or preferring private regulation to public regulation, and the state’s primary duty is now to impose cuts, take away jobs, hit the vulnerable, shift taxes away from multinationals corporations and wealthy elites to ordinary, or normal, people, and make the planet fit for the whims of markets, corporations and their controllers. Our jobs, savings, pensions, food supplies and even hospitals are all plugged into financial markets and the resulting volatility is bound to create even more instability.
Such a state is facing a legitimacy crisis as people take to the streets and withdraw from the electoral processes altogether. 

Murphy prefers it to call it ‘the cowardly state’ whilst others may have called it a corrupt state which acts to defend the privileges of the elites but does little to attend the causes of social decay and erosion of communities.

The evidence of decay is not hard to find: MPs fiddle expenses; peers go to prison for fraud but continue to act as lifelong legislators; journalists hack people’s phones and emails; bankers receive mega bonuses for destroying the economy; credit rating agencies publish false credit ratings and continue to thrive; tax dodging companies get public contracts funded by taxpayers and their directors get knighthoods and peerages; banks publish misleading accounts; company auditors give clean bills of health to bank accounts that would easily win the Booker Mann prize for fiction; energy, water and phone companies are ripping consumers off.

Sleaze and corruption has become the order of the day...

Prem Sikka is Professor of Accounting at the University of Essex

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